A time of troubles

Tresendar Manor

The fourth session

   The players gathered themselves before entering the basement of Tresendar Manor, unsure of what they'd find.  The briefly checked for traps and not finding any proceeded in.  (see the figure below for what the party has found so far.  I will briefly describe what happened in each area and the order they encountered them.

   Starting in area 1 at the door in the bottom wall the party proceeded carefully but not quietly into the room.  Muck was suspicious of the water being relatively clean so they decided to check the door to area 3 finding it unlocked the proceeded to go far enough to see and identify the bronze funerary doors at the end of the hall and decided to go back and explore area 2.

  It was decided that Muck was to go into area 2 first and she just barely avoided the three crossbow bolts that came out slamming the door shut. Mithrodites traded places with her, by picking her up and placing her gently back where he had been  The rest of the party readied their actions but nothing happened.  Deciding that action was better than waiting Mithrodites charged into the room on his turn and the three Redbrands shot at him doing almost nothing.  The rest of the party followed and they made quick work of the nominal guards.  They divided the treasure up and finding nothing else decided that there had to be another way out.  Muck thought it might be underwater and dove into the pool of water. 

  Instead of finding a way out she found a bag on a rope which she retrieved.  Looking into it once she was up they found some money two potions and a change of clothes.  All protected from the water by the oils in the bag rather than magic.  The group recognized one of the potions and a potion of healing.  Having not found a way to proceed the party decided to go through the bronze doors in hallway 3.  Much to their surprise they found that there was a trap in the hallway a pit that Muck barely avoided falling into.  While Muck and Mithrodites easily jumped the pit and Kaliber made a mockery of it by walking across on his hands, Zinatris had trouble and almost fell.  Thankfully Muck was there to catch her.

   Pulling Zinatris away from the pit and then turning to push the bronze doors open the found the three coffins in the room 4.  Thinking that there would be undead they left the coffins undisturbed and mostly gathered  on the far side middle when suddenly all three coffins opened and three skeletons climeded out.  No one was suprised and in a pitched battle they managed to win out in the end. At which point Zinatris asked Kaliber if he could open the southern door.  Acting on pure instinct he opened the door to room 5 and was welcomed by blades slashing him from either side.

  This put Kaliber in a rough spot as he was in the doorway and had 2 hit points left.  Thankfully the other party members decided to get him out of the way.  Muck raged and charged in and Mithrodites followed.  Zinatris remained a range and Hurkin performed heals.  The two Redbrands who had hidden in the room gave the party a run for their money but eventually were defeated.

  Taking stock the party found there were steel bars on either side of the room like a jail.  One side had a two female,s one old and one a child.  The other held a boy.  All three wore grey sacks and were chained at the neck to the wall, which made Muck very concerned that they weren't what they appeared to be.  Kaliber convinced her to break down the door and break the chains after and impassioned plea.  The three of them are exactly what they appear to be the family of Thel Dendrar the wood carver who stood up to the Redbrands and was murdered for it.  The party truly tapped out returned the Inn for some much needed rest and recouperation after which they would return to finish the job.  This ended session 4.


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